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Reaching Our Dream

Success Stories

“It is my deepest belief that only by giving our lives, do we find life”-Cesar Chavez..Help families reach their dreams by supporting Centro Hispano.
Julz Chavez (Cesar Chavez grand niece), Supporter
I never imagined being able to have an experience like this: being able to better myself a little.
Gina, middle school student
Centro Hispano is such an amazing place. It has not only helped build my confidence in my Spanish, but I also have the opportunity to help others and keep learning.
Shelby, Volunteer
I am very grateful for the prepared people that come to teach us.  It is a privilege that many people do not have
Adela, GED student
This place is the epitome of community. Where diversity is the key component to provide a great service to our growing Hispanic community.
Maria, Volunteer
It is a place where I feel really comfortable, I come and learn so I can reach my goals.
Marvin, ESL student
Centro Hispano is an opportunity for all the Hispanics that want to cultivate and develop new skills for themselves, so they can achieve more. Here, we find an opportunity to reach our dreams.
Cosset, Volunteer
They have opened my eyes to opportunities I can take to better myself. The classes are interesting and thanks to the volunteers I am learning a lot. Thanks for your help and patience.
Gudiel, ESL student
It is a place where everybody shares a learning experience. My confidence in my Spanish has improved tremendously and I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend at Centro.
Doran, Volunteer
The most important thing for my life is to learn to read and write and continue to study to help my family and myself.  This would not be possible without Centro Hispano.
Javier, elementary student
Centro has offered me the opportunity to serve outside my normal community. The students I work with on a weekly basis come with a passion and excitement to learn and this always inspires me to improve myself.
Justin, Volunteer
For me, this is home and my family is here. It is hard to find words to say “thank you” for a place to study and the time everybody shares with us.
Filiberto, elementary student
Centro is the place where education and community outreach meet- where people, cultures and different backgrounds come together and influence one another for the better.
Logan, Volunteer
I think Centro Hispano is the seed, the voice that represents the Hispanics within the American culture. An opportunity to share.
Tomás, ESL student
Centro Hispano has given me the opportunity to grow not only professionally but personally while helping others in the community
Jennyfer, Volunteer
This is the place where my time has a special meaning.
Misael, GED student
I successfully passed the GED exam … I feel indebted to Centro Hispano and that’s why I decided to become a volunteer and give back a little bit of what I received.
Antonio, former GED student and now a volunteer
 For me, Centro is a great learning opportunity, not only for my Spanish speaking and my professional aspirations, but also by giving me the opportunity to help out a part of the Knoxville and East Tennessee community.
Matthew, Volunteer
Because of Centro Hispano, I feel more confident in my Spanish skills and I feel that I am a part of the Hispanic community.
Tayo, Intern
When thinking about Centro the first thing that may come to your mind is the organization´s involvement and impact in the Hispanic community. But it´s also important to realize the impact they have in Knoxvilleans´ lives. Centro Hispano not only helped me to see how I could serve the community. Beyond volunteering or improving my Spanish, Centro´s staff and participants gave me valuable intercultural experiences that I will never forget. Without Centro, I wouldn’t be who, or where, I am today.¨
Megan Plante, Team Coordination Manager, MEDLIFE Sucursal del Perú / Former Volunteer and Intern